What post-venture approach
means for startups

Issue IOU CN for project

No loss

just focus on product

No financial barriers to start:

=> emit project’s token and pay team, contractors right from start,
=> make more trust in project.

No wasting time for pitches, presentations, contests

        => focus on product and traction.

No irresponsible expert’s scoring:

=> experts become partners: coaches, trainers, teaches, lawyers, marketologists for team

Just success

and success

Direct communicate with investors

  => investors in one-click distance

Get their crowd wisdom for project

   => investors participate in roadmap development

Improve project trajectory as early as possible.


The IOU CN Token of the project, issued by founders, gives to early team and consulters the right to a share of its profits in the future, when project raise funds and IOU CNs of founders will be changed to shares  =>

Everyone of them  is interested in the success of the project =>

The problem of "money at the start" is removed.